Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Gage-man!!

Today is my Gage-man's birthday and he is a big three years old!! Happy Birthday sweetheart. Oh how I miss your rosy cheeks, your darling smile, your all around sweetness and especially watching you dance to the Beach Boys singing Barbara-Ann. How many times have we danced to that song in your kitchen? Do you ever tire of listening to it? ;-) You are my little dance king! Have a fun day with your family Gagie. I miss you so much! Love, grandma
Hanging out at grandma's, Miss you!!!

Here we all are wishing you a happy birthday!! Smooches.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashlynn!!

My oldest granddaughter turned 7 today. Can it really be?? I remember the day that she arrived in this world of ours. So sweet and so precious. Ashlynnie, I miss you so much!! I can't stand the fact that you live so far away. I miss your hugs and your kisses along with that wonderful smile of yours. And your hair....... the best hair ever. I know that you don't like it much right now, but one of these days you're going to love that hair of yours. All the curls, color and length will be your friends.... I promise. So here's lots and lots of hugs and kisses from me to you dear one. I love you heaps!! Love, your San Diego grandma

These pictures are so you!! So carefree. I love it!

You found the best shell ever.... remember?? Love you girl.