Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat....."

At Christmastime around here, our home is filled with lots of music. The kids used to get so mad at me because I would want to start playing christmas music by the end of September or October. My reasoning never made sense to them but I am hoping that as they have grown older themselves, that they now understand why I love it so. I not only love the music (it's just not fair to only get three weeks of enjoyment over the most beautiful music ever written),but I also love the decorations, the smells, the sounds, the weather, hot chocolate by the fire, decorating the house, surprises, the memories, but best of all I love celebrating the incredible birth of Jesus Christ. It just cannot get any better than that. We are truly blessed aren't we? And one cannot forget all of the christmas programs and movies....... Again... I love this time of year. Hopefully you do too.

I have also been sewing like crazy to get the gifts done that I will be giving away this year. I am only sharing a few pictures at this time because I have already given these away. Tea towels. Everybody needs them and this waffle weave fabric is great. I buy it by the bolt out of New York and then cut it up for towels or even children's jackets. It is wonderful to work with and washes beautifully. Below are the towels along with a couple of jackets that I have made in the past. I have thrown in a few christmas stockings as well. The pink one is for my niece's new little one and the other two are for my daughter and son-in-law.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Case of the Missing Reindeer

I'm sorry.... I couldn't resist. I mean, he was just sitting there so innocently... right next to the one antler... and well.... I just had to put it on his sweet little head and take a picture. Now mind you, I always thought that those old ladies with a plethora of pictures of their grandkids were a little over the top. In fact... it drove me crazy. It was so nauseating to see just how many pictures they actually had of each child! (Probably more than they ever had of their own children.) "I will NEVER be like those women!" I told myself that very line every time that I was confronted with yet another album. And now look at me... it's pathetic! Here I am taking pictures of my sweet grandson with one antler on his head while his parents are at Disneyland with his sister. Well you know what son? That's what you get for leaving him with me. He just kind of brings out this awful side of me. Psssst... he's pretty cute though don't you think?

Merry Christmas... Happy Birthday!

December! This is always such a busy month for all of us isn't it??? But it is such a great month as well! In December we take time out to celebrate the birth of our wonderful Saviour and our soon & coming King. Talk about a gift.. how truly glorious that gift is and continues to be. It is truthfully the gift that just keeps giving. I must constantly remind myself to slow down and enjoy Him every moment of every day.... not just this month alone, but always.

For me, I also get the privilege of celebrating just a few more birthdays in the month of December that I want to acknowledge and make sure that they know I haven't forgotten them in all the hustle and bustle of this holiday season.

First: my daughter-in-law Lindsey. Today, December 9 is her day.. Happy Birthday Lindsey! How happy we are that you are part of this family. You have brought us so much joy! Have a great day at Disneyland today. Smooches.

Second: my mom. Her day is on the 15. We have had a wonderful time with her and dad living with us. You're the best mom ever! Happy birthday mom!!! Hugs and kisses. (I'm already missing you and you haven't even left yet!!)

Third: my twin boys. You two will always be my 'little' boys. I can never thank God enough for sending you guys to dad and me. You guys made our family complete. Happy Birthday guys!! Love you, mom

Fourth: my daughter Elizabeth. You were and always will be our 'little bit'. I miss you and the kids so much, you'll never know!!! (You too Ran-man) ;-) I can't stand the fact that you live so far away. (Tell your husband that I still haven't forgiven him!) Have a fun day Elizabeth. Love to you too, mom

I tried to make this blog short so that I wouldn't cry. I could have written on and on about each of you but I don't think there would have been enough room. I love you all!