Thursday, August 29, 2013

Christmas Wallhanging

We're still getting ready for our Christmas, open house that we are hosting here at the shop this weekend.  I thought that I would quickly make another gift bag out of some beautiful green, paisley, Christmas fabric that had come in but alas... I did not bring home enough.   I began thumbing through one of Nancy Halverson's  Christmas books and decided to make something totally opposite...and way more complicated... than the gift bag that I had originally planned on making.  Below is a picture of what I made instead.

The pattern had called for some handwork to be done in the open background space...I decided to save some time, so skipped that part of the design.  I went around each section of the pattern using my black, 12 wt. thread along with a buttonhole stitch.

In the background I glued on a ton of pearls...can you see them?  Clay buttons are fun to have and to add onto this fun and whimsical project.

Here's the back of the small wallhanging.  I had my sweet friend Sharon Mominee quilt my project...isn't gorgeous?  Make sure you take a closer look!

Now for the book....  Nancy always comes up with the sweetest ideas!

I wanted you to see the quilt that is on the back cover as well....cute isn't it??

Until next time.....

Psst.....I'll let you know how the Open House goes.  ;-)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Placemats Anyone???

Another new set of patterns came into the shop by the name of Eazy Peazy.  To say that they are a huge hit with our customers is an understatement!  The patterns truly are easy peazy and we have had a hard time keeping any of the patterns we carry  in stock.  Since I recently returned from visiting my brother and sister-in-law up in Washington I wanted to make them an easy and quick gift for showering me with such wonderful hospitality.  We carry an array of fun novelty prints and this fish theme caught my eye.  Below is the pattern that I used...cute isn't it?  I made a set of six.

Here is four of them.  All of the top stitching is done using my favorite.....12 wt. thread!

A close up of the black one.

The back.....

The light one...

Don't try this... I did black on one side and white on the other... your stitch lines will NOT match up..simply use a complimentary fabric for  the back of each placemat.

Then I decided to make some coasters using the scraps....

Have a great weekend!  Until next time.......