Thursday, August 29, 2013

Christmas Wallhanging

We're still getting ready for our Christmas, open house that we are hosting here at the shop this weekend.  I thought that I would quickly make another gift bag out of some beautiful green, paisley, Christmas fabric that had come in but alas... I did not bring home enough.   I began thumbing through one of Nancy Halverson's  Christmas books and decided to make something totally opposite...and way more complicated... than the gift bag that I had originally planned on making.  Below is a picture of what I made instead.

The pattern had called for some handwork to be done in the open background space...I decided to save some time, so skipped that part of the design.  I went around each section of the pattern using my black, 12 wt. thread along with a buttonhole stitch.

In the background I glued on a ton of pearls...can you see them?  Clay buttons are fun to have and to add onto this fun and whimsical project.

Here's the back of the small wallhanging.  I had my sweet friend Sharon Mominee quilt my project...isn't gorgeous?  Make sure you take a closer look!

Now for the book....  Nancy always comes up with the sweetest ideas!

I wanted you to see the quilt that is on the back cover as well....cute isn't it??

Until next time.....

Psst.....I'll let you know how the Open House goes.  ;-)


Beks said...

Holy cow! That's a lot of work!

Deborah Hays said...

You're so right! I was not planning on spending that much time on anything.... I just got a little carried away, as usual! Love you, mom