Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Have a Glorious New Year!!

Wow... it has been forever since I have taken the time to write a post for my blog. I have been sewing and have not been sharing with you! I will make this short and sweet so that you will know that I'm at least still alive. ;-) I will share a couple of pictures with more to come later. Please tell me that you can remember the days when you could purchase a kit that had all of the cardboard pieces in it to make a box. Do you remember? Well... the girls at the shop came across a large box in the back that had those old cardboard kits in it. I took three of the kits home, and made three different covered boxes. I am only sharing two as someone else has the third box. The first box I made I covered in a beautiful Christmas fabric that we had. It took slightly more fabric as I wanted to fussy cut the fabric. I also decided to machine embroider on the inside cover of the box. The second box was covered with Anne Sutton's fabric from Bunny Hill Designs. Her fabric is so sweet and I thought it would be perfect for my granddaughter. The last picture that I'm sharing with you today is a picture of a tote that I made for Robert Kaufman. This fabric company has been so generous in sharing their selvages with us, (for our new book) that Daniela wanted a tote made for them to take to market. Many thanks to the Robert Kaufman crew. And here is a picture of the new book. I had the wonderful privildge of testing a couple of the projects in the book and I am sure that you will enjoy making them for yourself and others. It makes you look at selvages in a totally new light! What is really great is that some of the fabric companies out there are making their selvages a lot more appealing.. check it out. Have fun sewing this year. Until we meet again... Debbie