Saturday, June 28, 2014


I'm leaving for Washington today and will be gone for 10 days.  But I wanted to share with you the little boy's shirt that I made for my grandson Cash.  I made it out of the leftover fabric that I had used for the shirt in the previous post.  (Good thing my grandson is little!)  Again, I'll share with you the pattern that I used for this wee little shirt.  Great little pattern to use for making something special for those little guys...and big your life.

I'm also going to share with you a cute pattern for that little girl in your life.  This is an OliveAnn Design and what I love about her patterns is that she also includes a pattern for the American Doll..or any 18" doll, that so many little girls have in their life right now.  So this is for you Addie.... Since many of my granddaughters own an American Doll, I felt that I needed to get one of my very own...I needed something to fit the clothes on...;-)

And of course my doll.....  I purchased 'Rebekah', which is my daughter's name. 

Thank you to all of you men and women who fight to keep us safe and free.  Happy July 4th America!
 See you when I get back!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Camp Shirt

The shop asked if I knew how to make a camp shirt....aka.... Hawaiian style shirt. I ordered in three different styles of Hawaiian fabric, then I looked online to find a pattern that I liked.  The first pattern that I ordered actually came from a shop  in Hawaii and I liked it very much.  But I also found a pattern by Islander Sewing Systems based in MI  that I liked even better.  The adult shirt below is made using the Hawaiian pattern...the boy's shirt is made using the Islander Sewing Systems pattern.  So what is your vote?  (click on pictures for a closer look!)

Here's the boys pattern using the Islander pattern. The difference?  The Victoria Jones pattern (Hawaiian) runs's meant to be a loose fitting, aloha shirt...  I think guys will like that part of the pattern.  The Islander pattern, on the other hand, runs small...much more tailored.  I liked the collar and placket on the boy's shirt...the collar has a collar stand, which naturally makes the collar stand up better, and the finished placket looks very nice!  I'll try to get a close up so that you can actually see the pattern piece that I am referring to in regards to the collar stand.  My only complaint with the boy's pattern is the small size of the pocket... and I do feel it runs just a little small.  I enjoyed working with each pattern and I intend to use them again.

Collar stand....

Placket..doesn't it look nice?


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Christmas Past (2013)

So I missed Christmas with all of you this past year, but I still wanted to share a couple of items that I made.  There's a wonderful designer out there by the name of Kim Christopherson, that makes pattern making truly fun!  She is the founder and designer of KimberBell designs.  I have made several of her patterns so far,  one of which I have already shared with you.   She also has machine embroidery designs that are made to go along with her patterns.  For those of you who own embroidery machines, check out her will be thoroughly delighted!  (Her July 4th design packet is especially cute!)  Below is one of the wall hangings that I completed for the shop this past Christmas, along with the pillow you have already seen.

The back.

With the addition of new grandchildren, new stockings always need to be made!  Here's Cash's.

Buttons have gotten pretty popular these days too so I decided to add a few to a kitchen towel.  ;-)


Friday, June 20, 2014

Glam Bag

I'm sure all of you are familiar with this purse that I shared with you on this blog some time ago.  This is a great pattern to use if you want to make a special gift..or just make for yourself!  I used a wonderful brown pleather when making this purse, which was a dream to work with!  It feels and looks like the real thing:

I liked it so much that I decided to make a couple of more purses!

I made it using a black pleather...

Don't you just love this cream pleather??

And then I decided to make it using a beautiful batik that came into the shop!

 Give it a try!  Don't be afraid to use leather or pleather, the results will be better than you think!



A new apron pattern came into the shop that I love!  I realize that you have seen many apron patterns before on my blog, but I'm quite sure you'll love this new pattern as well.  It's a Trisha Jane pattern and it has been very popular.  I changed it up a little…no big surprise…by adding pockets to the bodice and the skirt.  I made the pockets over sized, lined them with the main fabric material, then folded them over placing a button on the fold.  Please click on image for a closer view.  Enjoy!