Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Camp Shirt

The shop asked if I knew how to make a camp shirt....aka.... Hawaiian style shirt. I ordered in three different styles of Hawaiian fabric, then I looked online to find a pattern that I liked.  The first pattern that I ordered actually came from a shop  in Hawaii and I liked it very much.  But I also found a pattern by Islander Sewing Systems based in MI  that I liked even better.  The adult shirt below is made using the Hawaiian pattern...the boy's shirt is made using the Islander Sewing Systems pattern.  So what is your vote?  (click on pictures for a closer look!)

Here's the boys pattern using the Islander pattern. The difference?  The Victoria Jones pattern (Hawaiian) runs big...it's meant to be a loose fitting, aloha shirt...  I think guys will like that part of the pattern.  The Islander pattern, on the other hand, runs small...much more tailored.  I liked the collar and placket on the boy's shirt...the collar has a collar stand, which naturally makes the collar stand up better, and the finished placket looks very nice!  I'll try to get a close up so that you can actually see the pattern piece that I am referring to in regards to the collar stand.  My only complaint with the boy's pattern is the small size of the pocket... and I do feel it runs just a little small.  I enjoyed working with each pattern and I intend to use them again.

Collar stand....

Placket..doesn't it look nice?


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