Monday, June 24, 2013


Several months back, a cute purse pattern arrived at the shop, designed by Penny Sturges, called Bow Tucks Tote.  It's an older pattern, (2005) but one that is quite fun and easy to make.  I took the pattern home and made the purse out of the pink and brown batik that you see below.  I added a bow to the front pocket, but other than that I made the purse pretty much according to the nice directions that are included with the pattern.  Those of us who have been sewing a long time, appreciate the effort a designer takes in making sure their directions are consistent, concise, and clear......  followed by great illustrations of course.  I can always figure out a pattern on my own and often times can get it done faster by doing things my own way....  BUT, I am always conscientious in regards to the new sewer out there.  Does he/she understand the directions in the pattern that they just purchased?  Do the directions make sense?  Will their project come out as cute or even cuter than the picture on the front cover?  More often than not, I am frustrated for the newbie myself and ache for them while they're probably struggling over a pattern that they thought would be easy.  I think that writing directions has to be just as hard, if not harder than designing the pattern itself.  Anyways.... I brought the purse home the other night as it is time to make it again but using  the newer fabric choices that have come out since I first brought this pattern home.  If you want a fairly easy purse pattern with good directions, here it is.

Until next time......

Friday, June 21, 2013

Table Runner

So much Christmas fabric has come into the shop that I can't keep up with it!  But when this panel came in by Robert Kaufman I decided to bring it home with me... two in fact!  I sewed my panels together with the tops of the trees facing each..  One of the panels is half way embellished, the other is not.  Since it will be a sample at the shop, I wanted the customers to see the difference embellishing can make on either a quilt or a runner such as the one below.  It is difficult to see the crystals, but they are truly there.  I have glued over one hundred on so far and still have a lot to go.  Once I bring the runner home, I will need to embellish the other side.  Once again, click on the pictures if you want a closer look.

Until next time...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Not Hawaii Five-O...Magnum P. I.

Wow...did I have it wrong!  Our shop is representing Magnum P.I., NOT Hawaii Five-O.  What a difference... who doesn't like Tom Selleck?  (I should  ask Daniela if her husband is coming as Tom Selleck... ;)) 

I made Daniela's blouse  in red as the color fits her perfectly,  mine below is a blue/green color.  I used the same pattern for both and am happy with the outcome.  It's always nice to find a pattern that you are happy with.  Again I will share the website that carries this pattern as I feel you will enjoy their designs and fit.  Silhouette Patterns.  Check out the website and then pick out a  pattern... you'll be glad  you did!

Have a great week!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Our New Little Man

Sorry.. no time to write.... we welcomed a new little guy into our lives and hearts.  Below is a picture of my daughter as she nears the end of her pregnancy journey.

And here is Mr. Cash who has been waiting for the arrival of his new little brother.

And here he is, Declan James.  So precious.

The proud new dad (on the right) with my son Michael.

Until next time......

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yet Another Pillow....

A new pattern line arrived at the shop by the name of KimberBell.  By the time that I saw the Christmas pattern in this line, there was only one left.  Since I thought the pattern  was so adorable I decided to bring it home with me and make myself a pillow.  As far as I'm concerned, it's never too early to start making Christmas presents, Christmas decorations, Christmas anything... I love Christmas! 

Below is my finished pillow... isn't it cute?  Don't you think it would also make a darling towel, a festive apron front, or whatever or wherever you want to place those stylish shoes??  I do! ;-)  Check out these patterns on our web, you'll love making them.....AND the designer's Thanksgiving pattern, Count Your Blessings,  is on sale for 30% off!  Grab your fall fabrics and have some fun!

Until next time.....

(Don't forget to click on each picture if you want a closer look.)