Friday, June 21, 2013

Table Runner

So much Christmas fabric has come into the shop that I can't keep up with it!  But when this panel came in by Robert Kaufman I decided to bring it home with me... two in fact!  I sewed my panels together with the tops of the trees facing each..  One of the panels is half way embellished, the other is not.  Since it will be a sample at the shop, I wanted the customers to see the difference embellishing can make on either a quilt or a runner such as the one below.  It is difficult to see the crystals, but they are truly there.  I have glued over one hundred on so far and still have a lot to go.  Once I bring the runner home, I will need to embellish the other side.  Once again, click on the pictures if you want a closer look.

Until next time...

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