Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat....."

At Christmastime around here, our home is filled with lots of music. The kids used to get so mad at me because I would want to start playing christmas music by the end of September or October. My reasoning never made sense to them but I am hoping that as they have grown older themselves, that they now understand why I love it so. I not only love the music (it's just not fair to only get three weeks of enjoyment over the most beautiful music ever written),but I also love the decorations, the smells, the sounds, the weather, hot chocolate by the fire, decorating the house, surprises, the memories, but best of all I love celebrating the incredible birth of Jesus Christ. It just cannot get any better than that. We are truly blessed aren't we? And one cannot forget all of the christmas programs and movies....... Again... I love this time of year. Hopefully you do too.

I have also been sewing like crazy to get the gifts done that I will be giving away this year. I am only sharing a few pictures at this time because I have already given these away. Tea towels. Everybody needs them and this waffle weave fabric is great. I buy it by the bolt out of New York and then cut it up for towels or even children's jackets. It is wonderful to work with and washes beautifully. Below are the towels along with a couple of jackets that I have made in the past. I have thrown in a few christmas stockings as well. The pink one is for my niece's new little one and the other two are for my daughter and son-in-law.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Case of the Missing Reindeer

I'm sorry.... I couldn't resist. I mean, he was just sitting there so innocently... right next to the one antler... and well.... I just had to put it on his sweet little head and take a picture. Now mind you, I always thought that those old ladies with a plethora of pictures of their grandkids were a little over the top. In fact... it drove me crazy. It was so nauseating to see just how many pictures they actually had of each child! (Probably more than they ever had of their own children.) "I will NEVER be like those women!" I told myself that very line every time that I was confronted with yet another album. And now look at me... it's pathetic! Here I am taking pictures of my sweet grandson with one antler on his head while his parents are at Disneyland with his sister. Well you know what son? That's what you get for leaving him with me. He just kind of brings out this awful side of me. Psssst... he's pretty cute though don't you think?

Merry Christmas... Happy Birthday!

December! This is always such a busy month for all of us isn't it??? But it is such a great month as well! In December we take time out to celebrate the birth of our wonderful Saviour and our soon & coming King. Talk about a gift.. how truly glorious that gift is and continues to be. It is truthfully the gift that just keeps giving. I must constantly remind myself to slow down and enjoy Him every moment of every day.... not just this month alone, but always.

For me, I also get the privilege of celebrating just a few more birthdays in the month of December that I want to acknowledge and make sure that they know I haven't forgotten them in all the hustle and bustle of this holiday season.

First: my daughter-in-law Lindsey. Today, December 9 is her day.. Happy Birthday Lindsey! How happy we are that you are part of this family. You have brought us so much joy! Have a great day at Disneyland today. Smooches.

Second: my mom. Her day is on the 15. We have had a wonderful time with her and dad living with us. You're the best mom ever! Happy birthday mom!!! Hugs and kisses. (I'm already missing you and you haven't even left yet!!)

Third: my twin boys. You two will always be my 'little' boys. I can never thank God enough for sending you guys to dad and me. You guys made our family complete. Happy Birthday guys!! Love you, mom

Fourth: my daughter Elizabeth. You were and always will be our 'little bit'. I miss you and the kids so much, you'll never know!!! (You too Ran-man) ;-) I can't stand the fact that you live so far away. (Tell your husband that I still haven't forgiven him!) Have a fun day Elizabeth. Love to you too, mom

I tried to make this blog short so that I wouldn't cry. I could have written on and on about each of you but I don't think there would have been enough room. I love you all!

Monday, November 30, 2009


I thought I would shock all of you by posting yet another note right away. Are you all still out there? I sure hope so because I just want to say thank you so much for being a part of my life. How thankful I am for the many blessings that the Lord has so richly bestowed upon me... with special thanks for my family. I have a treasure chest full of wonderful memories that will last me a lifetime and more. Much love and thanks to all of you. Here are a few pics from your dear ole dad.

Dad passing the 'baton' (apron) over to Michael. Yikes!!

Michael holding his prize turkey that he seasoned to perfection.

Michael dropping the turkey into the hot oil while dad watches. (Bet you didn't know that your dad went out and bought a new fire extinguisher just before you got there did you? hmmmmmmmmm.)

Checking the temperature. (You weren't afraid that yours was going to turn out like your dad's did were you son??)




And voila!

Now isn't he a beauty!!

Not to be outdone.. Christopher's smoked beauty. Way to go guys!!

Apples, apples, apples

I know, I know, it has been quite some time since I posted something new on this site. So sorry. This post will be brief, but I did want to jot a little something down while I had some available time. The biggest thing that I wanted to share were these beautiful pictures that were taken by my husband Jim. Between my parents coming to stay, my last son getting married, and a ton of appointments, my fruit, which never did anything before, came on by the hundreds it seemed. Truly, I have never had so much fruit in all of the years we have lived here..... and right during the time that I was making everything I needed to get done for the wedding. My mom and I spent so much time canning, freezing, etc., etc., it wasn't funny. Especially mom. Thank you so much mom. (And thanks also to my granddaughter Reilly who was so faithful in going out to pick, peel, or whatever we needed! Smooches sweetheart.) So here are the pictures.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Gage-man!!

Today is my Gage-man's birthday and he is a big three years old!! Happy Birthday sweetheart. Oh how I miss your rosy cheeks, your darling smile, your all around sweetness and especially watching you dance to the Beach Boys singing Barbara-Ann. How many times have we danced to that song in your kitchen? Do you ever tire of listening to it? ;-) You are my little dance king! Have a fun day with your family Gagie. I miss you so much! Love, grandma
Hanging out at grandma's, Miss you!!!

Here we all are wishing you a happy birthday!! Smooches.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashlynn!!

My oldest granddaughter turned 7 today. Can it really be?? I remember the day that she arrived in this world of ours. So sweet and so precious. Ashlynnie, I miss you so much!! I can't stand the fact that you live so far away. I miss your hugs and your kisses along with that wonderful smile of yours. And your hair....... the best hair ever. I know that you don't like it much right now, but one of these days you're going to love that hair of yours. All the curls, color and length will be your friends.... I promise. So here's lots and lots of hugs and kisses from me to you dear one. I love you heaps!! Love, your San Diego grandma

These pictures are so you!! So carefree. I love it!

You found the best shell ever.... remember?? Love you girl.

Friday, June 26, 2009

For the love of handwork....

I thought that I would share one more pillow with you that I designed this time, except for the stitchery portion, before getting back to strictly machine sewing projects. Again, referring back to the days when the shop was open Toni, the owner, and I loved (like I already stated) anything that involved handwork. Another designer we carried was Kindred Spirits. Their book entitled, Hollyberry Stitches, became a quick favorite to many of our customers. One of the designs, which I used for this pillow, was an easy one for beginners and many loved the whimsical faces found hanging on the tree branch.
I simply completed the handwork, then made four pinwheels, one of my many favorite quilt block designs, grabbed the size pillow form I wanted, and voila out came this pillow. Two of my favorite things combined together to make something very quick and easy into something very rewarding. Look into those stitchery designs that you might have lying around your house or even into those coloring books that you may have purchased for your kids or grandkids. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you might find hidden there! In fact coloring books are great tools to use for applique ideas, handwork design ideas, etc... (You'll never look at coloring books the same way again!) So go to it girls and let that imagination of yours, along with your hands, fly! Off to sew 4 millie.

(Always click on the any of my pictures if you want to see them 'up close and personal'.) Blessings ;-)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day

To the men in my life, who I adore as fathers, I want to wish each of you a Happy Father's Day.

First to my dad. Thanks dad for being there for me over the years. You and mom have always been so generous to Jim and I and the kids. How can I ever thank you enough for all that you have done for us? (Jim would probably like to shoot you for getting me my very first Bernina sewing machine, but I love you for doing that for me dad.) Big hugs... and I can't wait until you and mom are finally here with me forever. Thanks for everything dad. I love you. (I just had to use this picture of you and mom)

Next, to my oldest son James. Well son, you were a little slow in getting married, but I know Stef was well worth the wait. You two are perfect for each other. When the two of you had Reilly and Teagan, well.. it just couldn't get any better than that. The Lord richly blessed you with those two girls. Enjoy them son, all too soon the time is gone and you'll wish they were back home with you. You're girls are priceless.... just like you. I love you son.

My son-in-law Randy didn't have a choice in being part of our family because once I met him I just flat out told him that he had to marry one of my girls.... and he did. (Thanks for listening.) I love the fact that you are now the father of four of my grandchildren. Such treasures you have there. I have seen how committed you are to your children and your love for them is precious. Thank you for that son. Hugs and kisses.

To my son-in-law Aaron. I hope you know how much you mean to me. Being the father of my three grandsons, I'm sure, keeps you hopping. But I know that you know that those boys are worth it. You and Nicole have taught them well. They are so respectful and their manners are impeccable. Thank you for that Aaron... and for loving them like you do.

And now to my youngest son John. Watching you with your two children has been my delight. Parenthood kind of changes things doesn't it? I know it did for me. I understood a lot better the fears and the frustrations my own parents must have had while raising my brother and I. With the knowledge that I have now, I sometimes wish that I could go back in time and change some things but obviously that's not how God's plan works. Just keep loving those children of yours son and love their mom and most importantly, love the God that made each one of you. Smooches.

And last, but definitely not least, to the father of my seven children, I wish you a very Happy Father's Day honey. Who would have ever thought that we would have been so blessed. Sometimes don't you just wonder why God entrusted you and me with these great kids of ours? I know I do. Every one of them is a true miracle.. a true gift. But so are you. You have worked so hard our entire married life to make sure that our children had whatever they needed. I never, ever had to worry about you giving up or quitting.. not ever. I think you would go to work and do your job even if you had to crawl to get there. I know how much our children have always meant to you. They mean everything. To you they are what keep you going. You never pursued outside friends or even outside activities because it was your kids that you wanted to be around. They are your very life. Thanks for loving our children the way that you do. They couldn't have a better father than you. I love you honey. And here you are holding grandchild (John's newest.) number 11.

Dresses, dresses.....

I have a class coming up at Cozy Quilt Shop where I will be teaching the little girl's dress pattern, "Adorable You". I have made this dress several times now, along with others made from Kari Mecca's wonderful book, "Sewing With Whimsey." I tend to use the brighter colors in these dresses because I know how much my own granddaughters love bright colors. ( I have also had the privilege of selling my 'brighter' colored dresses to photographers in Kansas. It seems that working with vibrant colors, along with the right lighting, brings out so much more in their photographs). This should prove to be another fun class and I am looking forward to it. By the way, for those of you who have purchased Kari's book, whether it be from the shop, Kari's online store, or even from Martha Pullen's, Kari now has a dvd to accompany the book. Check it out and enjoy. Again... gone to Sew 4 Millie

This is the sample dress that I made for Cozy's. Daniela has great fabric in the shop and this fabric with shoes on was just perfect. The gals at the shop felt it needed a little purse to match so a picture is included of the matching purse.

In yet another color!

Another sample of " Spring Fling" from Kari's book.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Beks!!

Today is my youngest daughter's birthday. She was number five for me with identical twin brothers following 18 months later. The three of them were like having our own "Three Musketeers"! They did everything together. Living out in the country like we do they explored, to them, the whole wide world out side these doors. In the summer, the three of them lived in their little bathing suits; Beks, in her favorite favorite little purple and turquoise one, and the boys in their little red ones, remember? The picture of Beks with her long beautiful hair and in that cute, little bathing suit will be a part of my favorite memories forever and ever. Now she's all grown up with a home of her own, working hard, as usual (just like her dad), and has managed to get even more beautiful than ever. Have a happy birthday Beks. I love you Beks, mom

I love this picture of you!

A couple of favorite pictures I have of you and your sister when we were in New York. (I still can't believe how the two of you liked riding that subway system!! And look where you work today.... public transit!)

With that man of yours who always makes you smile. I love him for that.