Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dresses, dresses.....

I have a class coming up at Cozy Quilt Shop where I will be teaching the little girl's dress pattern, "Adorable You". I have made this dress several times now, along with others made from Kari Mecca's wonderful book, "Sewing With Whimsey." I tend to use the brighter colors in these dresses because I know how much my own granddaughters love bright colors. ( I have also had the privilege of selling my 'brighter' colored dresses to photographers in Kansas. It seems that working with vibrant colors, along with the right lighting, brings out so much more in their photographs). This should prove to be another fun class and I am looking forward to it. By the way, for those of you who have purchased Kari's book, whether it be from the shop, Kari's online store, or even from Martha Pullen's, Kari now has a dvd to accompany the book. Check it out and enjoy. Again... gone to Sew 4 Millie

This is the sample dress that I made for Cozy's. Daniela has great fabric in the shop and this fabric with shoes on was just perfect. The gals at the shop felt it needed a little purse to match so a picture is included of the matching purse.

In yet another color!

Another sample of " Spring Fling" from Kari's book.


Kari Mecca said...

Once again they are beautiful! Good luck with your classes too,

Deborah Hays said...

Kari, Thanks so much for your sweet comment. I can't miss with your patterns. ;-)

Lizzie M. said...

They are soooo adorable!!