Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yellville II

Next stop.... Marilyn's. Marilyn works for the park system. She can drive bull dozers, tractors, fork lifts, or work chain saws, band saws, build steel bridges, etc., etc... I'm convinced that there isn't anything out there that her and her sister Marla can't operate. They amaze me!!! Forget MacGyver, I want THOSE girls on my side if I'm ever in any kind of trouble. The two of them can build anything, knock down anything, cut up anything, yet they both remain humble and kind. How I love those two.

Here is the road that leads to Marilyn and Bob's house. Five bucks jumped over the fence as I was driving down to her house for pictures. Marilyn likes them bedding down in her tall grass and cautions everyone to drive carefully and quietly. She has already named the largest buck 'Big Boy' and she has her sights on him the next time hunting season is here. Now lest you think Marilyn has no feelings, I want you to be aware that if there is ever any animal abandoned, left motherless, or injured, everyone knows to bring that animal to Marilyn. She has raised deer, rabbits, birds, just about anything until they are able to be set free. She has great respect for all of God's creation and treats them with great care. However.... one must eat.

You can't see it very well, but behind those hollyhocks, is a small stall that Marilyn built for her steer. He was huge! (Notice I said 'was' he's in the freezer these days.)

I caught Marilyn actually reading a book when I came down to get some pictures. (Marilyn NEVER takes the time to read, she says she hates to.) She is always too busy working outside.

Here's Marilyn, in uniform, helping out with Saturday night dinner after she got home from work. Every Saturday night, everyone comes down to my aunt Betty's house for dinner. That night it was homemade pizza. Yummmmmmm!

Next stop... aunt Betty's.

Monday, June 28, 2010


It has been a long while since my last post and I am sure that many of you have even stopped checking in, BUT... my husband and I have been preparing our home for my parents as they are moving in with us. This past month I have been back in Arkansas, helping finish up the last few items that needed to be packed up before the movers arrived to move them out here.

Yellville is the small town that my parents have called home for the past 10 years. My aunt and uncle live in Yellville, along with their children and some of their grandchildren. Life is so different back in that part of the country. My family back there grow everything that they put in their mouth. I have never seen such hard working, generous and humble people in my life. My cousins Marla and Marilyn work harder than any man I know..... except for my husband of course. ;-) I just had to share a few pictures of this side of the family that I already miss.

First up.... Marla. Here is a picture of the drive going up to her home. Pretty isn't it? Her and her husband Phil own a lumber mill and raise cattle on the side. I LOVE their cows. They're Scottish Highlanders... the only beef that Queen Elizabeth will eat. You don't see them in the states very much, but are they ever cute.

Here is Marla and Phil with one of their grandsons.

Here is one of the cows. You've got to love that hair.

There were a lot of babies this year. I think they were just as curious of me as I was of them. Tomorrow Marilyn!