Monday, January 30, 2012

Hand Applique 2012

As I stated in my last blog... I do enjoy hand applique. However, if I know that I need to have something done rather quickly, I will revert to appliqueing by machine. Any appliqueing, quilting, embroidering, applying binding, etc. by hand has always been very relaxing for me.... some hate it... I love it.

Pearl P Pereira is a wonderful applique designer whose designs are awe inspiring. Take a look at her website and you will see what I mean. I used one of Pearl's patterns to make a little travel case to carry all of my hand applique tools in.... in fact this is my second one that I have made.

Here's the first one:

The inside:

On my second one, I decided to embroider my initials. The outside:

And the inside, which holds all of my tools:

Two of my favorite tools, also designed by Pearl, are a must for hand applique. I gladly share them with you:

Those interested in Pearl's pattern I will gladly share it with you below. It is very easy to stitch together and just as easy to embroider whatever you want on the outside to make sure that no one tries to snag it from you. Happy stitching!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Block of the Month 2012

I decided to do something very different this year... at least something different as far as quilting is concerned. I have always wanted to participate in one of those block of the month clubs that the various, on-line, quilting shops offer. One can also find BOM's offered in different catalogs, magazines and sometimes in shops located in your very own neighborhood.

The BOM that I wanted to participate in however, was one where not only was the pattern sent to you each month, but the fabric that went along with it as well. (This is highly unusual for me as I am one who would rather choose her own fabric and not copycat someone else's ideas or choices!) Well... I finally bit the bullet this year and joined a BOM. My blocks are sent to me from Shabby Fabrics, a shop that I truly love. The name of my BOM is The Great Pumpkin. I must say... I am really enjoying each block so far and can hardly wait so see the finished quilt on my bed. BTW.... this is an applique BOM. Now some of you may not enjoy doing applique, but I am doing all the work on my machine. Those who know me know that I enjoy doing handwork, but I knew that it would be easy for me to get behind schedule and I wanted make sure that this quilt would be completed by the year's end.

Here is a peek at the pattern:

Here is a peek of my first completed block:

Can't wait to share each block as they come. Blessings, Debbie

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Holidays 2011

Wow.... it has been awhile hasn't it??? I thought that I would share a few pictures this time around... pictures of the fam and our time together over the holidays.

Since we had not celebrated a holiday together in ten years, we decided to snap a shot of the nine of us together for our memory books.

My mother-in-law joined us for Thanksgiving this year and below is a shot of her with Paula-girl.... the following shot is Elizabeth and I in the kitchen.... eating. (Is there anything else one does at this time of the year?)

Casey and Rebekah do like their wine.. I just have never seen such a huge bottle!! And then there's Cash boy.. too cute!

CHRISTMAS... my favorite holiday. Here is our tree.. we actually got it up this year!!

We have added an additional tradition to our holiday celebrations by going back to Kansas and having a 'December 24th" day with them... we had the best time!!

The kids love it when we take them ice skating and since Randy and Elizabeth are usually helping out one of them, Jim quickly snapped a shot of just the two of them.

Of course we had to take a trip to the candy store...

And a place we all love is, Big Mama's. Great cinnamon rolls... not nearly as good as yours Nicole... but good none the less.

We ate at an incredible Irish Pub in the coolest little town...

And finally finished our day at The Cheese Cake Factory. I get the biggest kick out of all that the kids order. Last year Ryder shared with a homeless man who was outside in the cold. Ryder has got to have the most tender of hearts. (I miss all of those kids already.)

Back to San Diego....

Celebrating the 24th here in San Diego started by having breakfast at Cafe Coyote in Old Town. Yummy!!

Next, we took the train to Solana Beach. If you've never done this, you are missing out BIG time!

The kids LOVED the train.

Again... the candy store. This is a must at both celebrations... Jim and I pay dearly for this... or I guess I should say our waistlines do.

After we gorged ourselves on candy, off we went to Viejas Bowl. Mom and dad watched all of us make complete and utter fools out of ourselves by pretending to be the professional bowlers... that we definitely aren't. (I hope no one was watching!)


John and Michael... thinking that they were so hot..... tee hee.

Michael throwing the ball... to who knows where...

Someone needed to inform Nicole that you actually have to let go of the ball.....

Lindsey, showing them how to throw.... her problem?... she just couldn't seem to knock down those pins.... sorry Lindsey. ;-)

I'll end this little photo session with Cash resting safely in his grandpa's arms.

Thanks for stopping by.... I hope you enjoyed my little memory album.