Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lost in Thought

For the last couple of days, I have had my two uncles up here to visit my parents before they leave for Arkansas. Listening to them talk and laugh with one another as they played cards was sheer enjoyment. They had me play their favorite music for them while they played their card games and chatted. The music ranged from the Sons of the Pioneers to the Bee Gees to the Eagles. (I couldn't help but laugh when my uncle David insisted that I put on the Bee Gees and the Eagles. He just loves them!) But what really seemed to settle my uncles' very souls was when the older music gently drifted into the room where they played. I feared that I would not be able to sit through all of those old tunes, but the realty was I rather enjoyed it. Listening to my uncle singing along while my mom quietly hummed now and then was so sweet. They talked about their mama and their daddy and heaven. They discussed their brothers and sisters and friends who have passed away and the few who are still living. I think down deep my uncle David's home will always be Drumright, Oklahoma, where they all were from. He even subscribes to the local newspaper.... just to keep up with the obituaries. Sitting there with them was rich. I learned a lot from them while sitting there... most important, the preciousness of family. How blessed I am! Prayerfully my own children will find joy and comfort while sitting with me as I grow older, but I also pray that they will find that same joy while sitting with the ones who are still here now. And to not dismiss those old tunes, that if listened to with an open heart, can still speak today. Thanks for the memories.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Family Day

Every December 24th, Jim and I, along with the kids and grandkids, spend the entire christmas eve day all together as one big happy family. I look forward to this one particular day all year long as it is the only day during the holiday season that I get my family all to myself. Selfish as that sounds, I wouldn't trade it for anything..... I love that day. I would love it even more if ALL of my kids and grandkids could be here. How I miss my children who do not live nearby!

This year we started out in Coronado at a little cafe, that turned out to be just a little bit smaller than we had thought. When we called the cafe to make our reservations, we thought we were making our reservations at the same cafe that we had eaten at a couple of years ago. Wrong! When Jim dropped me off out front, I went inside to let them know we were there.... slight problem, that cafe wasn't expecting us. Upon looking at the address of the cafe that we HAD made reservations at, we realized that that cafe was located further down the street. When we finally arrived at the right cafe, we nearly choked. It was the smallest cafe you could image and they were turning people away so that all of us could fit inside. Below is a picture of the outside and then of the inside. There truly was no room for anyone else but us!

Lindsey had a big bowl of oatmeal.

After breakfast, it was time to drive over to the Hotel Del. (One of these days I'm going to stay there!!) It was a beautiful day and the kids loved being near the ocean. Inside the Del, there was the coolest candy shop that all of the kids felt a need to go into. Keira LOVED the big glass dog that was right inside the door. She was constantly hugging him.

The kids know that Auntie Becka is one big sucker and that she will always keep them supplied with candy!

John and Christopher were worse than the kids!!

But then you had Casey.... ;-)

Michael and Casey are still our little honeymooners.

After Coronado, most of the guys decided to go and hang out on the Midway while the rest of us went over to Horton Plaza. The guys had a great time thanks to Aaron sharing his tickets.

Once the guys were done at the Midway, we all met up at Seaport Village. It was the most gorgeous day!! Here's a couple of my favorite pics. Thanks everyone!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Roseville once again..

I'm back home in Alpine but I did want to share a couple of the houses in my son's neighborhood. I realize that it isn't the best of times to share these pictures as it is wintertime in Roseville and everything looks rather dead... but I still like the looks of these homes. The first one is my favorite. In the spring, the wisteria hangs down though the roof of the porch... it is simply stunning when in bloom. This house sits on a large, corner lot with a huge driveway to one side. On the other side of the house, which you can barely see to the right, a charming guest home is snuggled in quite nicely within the fence border. Out back there is a beautiful, large pool... that I'm sure the neighbors envy in the summertime. I especially love the balcony that sits above the porch roof. A great place to loose oneself in a good book don't you think? Click on the picture for even a better view!

This next house is much smaller but very typical of the other houses in the surrounding area. (Don't you just love that white picket fence?? Several of the houses had that same type of fence surrounding their homes. I thought it made each house quite homey looking!) Many of these houses had either a table with chairs sitting out on the front porch, or a couple of wooden chairs, or my favorite... big, old, wooden rocking chairs. I was ready to walk up and sit in one but I thought that might be incredibly rude.. especially if the home owner were to find a strange woman sitting out front. (It was very difficult to restrain myself from this temptation. ) ;-) On a side note: many of the homes in the area are for sale. I was saddened to see just how many.

The next picture shows the movie theatre in downtown Roseville. You got a small peek of downtown Roseville in my last post when I shared a picture of Main St with you. I would be remiss if I failed to share this picture as well. I thought it was a rather cool looking movie house.

And last.... but definitely not least.. I just had to share a picture of two of my granddaughters.... what kind of grandma would I be if I didn't share one of the best pictures that I had? Here is Miss Ashlynn and Miss Reilly looking lovely as always.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I'm still here in Roseville, and I just had to share some pictures with you so that you could see the quaintness of the neighborhood that my son lives in. First stop... my son's house. I just love it! It is quite old and lovely with a full basement below where my son shoots most of his photography sessions.

The house across the street was a high school project many, many years ago. I can't even imagine the sense of accomplishment the students must have felt once the house was completed. Talk about homey!

Once you leave the neighborhood you need to cross this cute, little, crooked bridge; which runs over the train tracks...

...then turn right onto Main Street where one can continue their journey into a time long forgotten... pretty cool huh? This is the route I take each time that I take the girls to gymnastics.

At night you can hear the train as it travels lazily by on the tracks not far from the house. For reasons that I cannot explain the sound of that train is incredibly comforting to me and I love listening for it. The station is small but very sweet and is a great place to take a photograph or two.

I'll share some houses later.... Time to go to sleep.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

No pictures this time around.... a good imagination will just have to do. I'm back up here in Roseville taking care of my granddaughters while my son and his wife are attending a seminar in San Diego. Since my trips up here are so rare, I soon forget the richness of the surrounding neighborhood that my son and his family live in. It's like lifting a thin veil and then stepping back into a time long forgotten. The streets are lined with trees that are now void of any foliage. The houses, some built with stone, others with brick, and many more having a combination of both wood siding with brick and/or stone, are warm and cozy looking. Most have those wonderful big, old porches with a couple of oversized chairs facing the street bidding one to stop and sit awhile. As a quilter, I can easily imagine women in years past, sitting out on those big, beautiful porches, hand quilting and chatting easily with one another about their children, their husbands' jobs, their joys, their concerns, and maybe even sharing a recipe or two.
The way I see it, we seem to have forgotten how to slow down and 'sit a spell' with the people that the Lord brings into our lives on a regular basis. I know in my last post, I reveled in the smells, colors, and sounds of christmas, but in my mind up here in Roseville, the smells, colors, and sounds that quickly overtake my mind are those of times past. Listening to my mom and aunts discussing not only different recipes, meals, and sewing, but also talking about their many plants that each had nurtured and cared for in their yards as well as in their homes. ( I will cherish those missed conversations forever.) I will also consider the screaming voices of the neighborhood children while they played and laughed with each other outside as something truly incredible.. instead of the annoyance I once thought it was.
The smell of biscuits and goulash cooking on the stove, or the aroma of cornbread and beans that my aunt used to make is also something I will never forget! Yumm! And how can one ever forget the delight in seeing pieces of leftover fabric or cut up, worn out clothing sewn into a beloved handmade quilt? I used to pour over those quilts looking for those little swatches that once were mine. Loved it... miss it.
With all of these thoughts in mind, it is my deepest wish and desire that everyone will experience, as I pray that I will too, the richness of family, the closeness of friends, and the ability and willingness to stop....... truly stop... and enjoy the many blessings that the Lord would love to bestow on each of us His children, in this bright and hopefully happy new year.