Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Merry Christmas... Happy Birthday!

December! This is always such a busy month for all of us isn't it??? But it is such a great month as well! In December we take time out to celebrate the birth of our wonderful Saviour and our soon & coming King. Talk about a gift.. how truly glorious that gift is and continues to be. It is truthfully the gift that just keeps giving. I must constantly remind myself to slow down and enjoy Him every moment of every day.... not just this month alone, but always.

For me, I also get the privilege of celebrating just a few more birthdays in the month of December that I want to acknowledge and make sure that they know I haven't forgotten them in all the hustle and bustle of this holiday season.

First: my daughter-in-law Lindsey. Today, December 9 is her day.. Happy Birthday Lindsey! How happy we are that you are part of this family. You have brought us so much joy! Have a great day at Disneyland today. Smooches.

Second: my mom. Her day is on the 15. We have had a wonderful time with her and dad living with us. You're the best mom ever! Happy birthday mom!!! Hugs and kisses. (I'm already missing you and you haven't even left yet!!)

Third: my twin boys. You two will always be my 'little' boys. I can never thank God enough for sending you guys to dad and me. You guys made our family complete. Happy Birthday guys!! Love you, mom

Fourth: my daughter Elizabeth. You were and always will be our 'little bit'. I miss you and the kids so much, you'll never know!!! (You too Ran-man) ;-) I can't stand the fact that you live so far away. (Tell your husband that I still haven't forgiven him!) Have a fun day Elizabeth. Love to you too, mom

I tried to make this blog short so that I wouldn't cry. I could have written on and on about each of you but I don't think there would have been enough room. I love you all!


TheFitnessFreak said...

Gee, I feel left out since my b-day isn't until July : ) Happy Birthday all!

Deborah Hays said...

No.. really Nicole.... it's bad enough that I have this many to get gifts for in December. ;-) I only have three of you in July PLUS your anniversary of course!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks mom! I couldn't have thought up a better family to marry into! Thank you for ALL that you do and for loving me like I was always a part of your family!

Happy Birthday to all my other December buddies!! :)

Lizzie M. said...

Awww, thanks mom!!! Three? Mom, we have Lisa, Dad, Nicole, Ashlynn and Gage......pretty sure that adds up to FIVE :-)

Deborah Hays said...

Boy..... you can tell where my head is.... still in December!! It seems as though every month is getting rather full!!!!!!