Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Here is what I have been working on since the last time I blogged.

The top picture is of my own Bernina, the 730. These machines run for about $7300.00 plus tax. (Machines have gone up just a little since the machines of long ago that I shared on my last post.) This Bernina can do just about anything. Not only does it sew beautifully but it also embroiders. I use my laptop to get things set up embroidery wise..... send it over to my machine by way of usb cable and voila... I stitch it out. The new Berninas, simply put, are merely computers that just happen to sew.

This next picture is of the new Bernina, which will replace the 730. I thought my machine did everything.... but then the new 830 came out and this machine truly DOES do everything and more. For one, it is much larger than the 730. The lighting system is out of this world! It also is a dual feed, which I have been waiting for forever, twice the size bobbins, (Yippee! I hate stopping to refill a bobbin!) plus has a touch screen.... incredible!! You will also notice a much larger sewing space, for those who like to do their own quilting. This machine is phenomenal... but so is the price..... $10,000.00... plus tax! (When it first hit the market is was $13,000.) Check it out:

For those of you who are wondering why this incredible machine is in my home....... no... I did not purchase one! Cozy Quilt Shop had me bring it home to get to know it. (Do I have to bring it back Daneila??)

Since the shop asked me to make a sample apron, I decided to make it on this fabulous machine. Here it is:

Now don't knock yourselves out running to your nearest dealer to purchase this machine.... I'm sure that they can hold one for you... just in time for Christmas. Are you reading my blog honey? ;-)

Happy Holidays!


Lizzie M. said...

Love the apron.....soooo cute! Sure wouldn't mind that new machine!!

TheFitnessFreak said...

For that price it better drive my kids to school and back! Cute apron : )