Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fat Quarters.

Every quilter I know has a gigantic collection of fat quarters. I have collected them myself over the years and own a sizeable amount. (Please don't ever ask to see my closet!) I have asked my children to go into quilt shops on their various travels and purchase a fat quarter for me as a souvenir. Whenever Jim and I have gone anywhere, it is a must to visit the local quilt shops so that I can obtain, you guessed it, a fat quarter. I have even had dear friends bring me fat quarters from their many travels all over the world. Pretty pathetic I know, but I do adore my fat quarters! (I'm talking fabric here.) So in my wonderful stash of fat quarters, I have fabric from Amsterdam, Hawaii, Australia,and more. Since it is an addiction for those of us who are quilters, a plethora of books have been written to help us turn that obession into beautiful quilts. Two of my many favorite authors are Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith from Possibilities. Their books have always been an inspiration and were also best sellers in the quilt shop where I worked and taught. Below, I will share some quilts (some you have already seen) that I made as samples for the shop from one of our favorite books from Possibilities.

Here is a picture of Lynda and Nancy's book, Super Simple Fat Quarter Quilts.

The first quilt pictured is called Sunny Days. I took enough fabric home to not only make this quilt for the shop but enough to kit up for someone else to make the same exact quilt as well. The kit sold instantly.

Here's the label on the back.

Hyde Park was a favorite with our customers due to the fact that the middle of the quilt required one large piece of fabric. Those of us who own a piece of fabric that we hate to cut up, made several of these quilts.

Since so many of us knew someone who was going to have a baby, I decided to downsize Hyde Park and called it, Hyde Park Had A Baby. A lot of our customers made this quilt for the new little one that had been added to their lives and hearts.

The label on the back.

Still more to come....

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Anonymous said...

Would you be willing to send me the instructions for the "hyde park had a baby" size quilt? Would love to have it!! Anna from Cincinnati, Ohio klosam@fuse.nt