Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yellville VI

I thought I'd share just a few more pictures of Yellville before I finished posting about my last visit. There are always a plethora of memories that are made each and every time that I go back that way. Good conversation, drives into town, (at least you don't have far to go, and the town itself is only a couple of blocks long.) going to church, (love it!!) and being surrounded by the only thing that really matters.... family. Yellville has hit big time these days though.... a Sonic burger came to town..... now that was big! My uncle Kenny fears that a stoplight might be next. Drat! I don't think I would recognize the place! The Sonic Burger alone threw me for a loop.

Below are a few pics of sights that one can't miss when in Yellville.

Aunt Betty's chicken coop. (The kids love to feed the chickens the scraps from the dinner table... and anything else that's available.) These babies are needed for the eggs that they provide and for the good meals that they make.

Uncle Kenny's guineas. I'm still not sure why they are so special to him, but they certainly are... and you better leave them alone. It took me forever to find these birds to at least get their picture.... they are so loud!! I think they're pretty and the best thing I think, in regards to their existence, is that they eat bugs.. lots of bugs, and back in Yellville, there's a ton of bugs! They've got chiggers, ticks, etc.. Yuck! I say go to it little birdies.

Okay.. okay.. I know that you can't see this very well, but these are lightning bugs. I took a ton of pictures trying to capture their pretty little lights, but no such luck.... Just pretend that you see them. These little guys remind me of being at Disneyland. They are everywhere once the sun goes down. It's simply stunning to see these little 'lights' all through the woods at night time. I know it's nothing special to those who live back there, but I really enjoy watching these little guys put on a show once the sun sets. Beautiful!

(Click on the picture... you'll see them better.)

Saturday night dinner is where everyone meets. Yippee! Good food, good company, good times. Here's Marla, her granddaughter, and my daughter, Nicole.

And last, but certainly not least, is Marla on one of her trusty machines mowing. She can turn that thing on a dime. Amazing!!

Love and hugs to you all. Smooches, Debbie

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