Saturday, July 16, 2011

Groupon Nation

How many of you out there love those Groupons that come into your life via email? Everyone wants a deal and those Groupon offers are pretty amazing as well as pretty tempting aren't they? I have found that even I have purchased items off of those Groupon emails... items that I normally wouldn't have purchased otherwise if it hadn't been for the great deal that was offered.

The quilt shop where I periodically work has needed me to come in and help of late because they decided to give Groupon a try and see if it would bring more traffic and recognition to the shop. WOW!! The shop has been inundated with people responding to the deal of learning how to sew and going home with a finished project... a zippered make-up bag.. it has been amazing!!! I am a teacher through and through and it has saddened me to see the art of sewing quickly dying off. Let's face it..... it's no longer cheaper to sew...... just go to Target or Walmart and you will find many young moms that are purchasing some awfully cute clothes for next to nothing... who can blame them? So when these gals called and wanted to learn to sew.... I got ready!

Most of those who come to the class literally know NOTHING about sewing. I take the time to walk them through the basics of a sewing machine, how to thread it, wind a bobbin, change the feet as well as change the needles. The gals have ranged in age from their late twenties to their late forties... a couple have even been my age. It has been my joy and pleasure to not only educate these women, but to help them become familiar with the art of sewing itself. Simply a pleasure!

Below are pictures of the bags that these gals make in the class. The bags I am sharing with you are bags that I made from scraps of fabric that I had at home. (Of course I had to glitz them up a bit!) I tell my students that they can do anything they want to with their bags and the shop includes enough fabric in each kit to make another bag when the women get home. It's a deal.

You might recognize the fabric that I used on this first bag. It was left over from one of my granddaughter's dresses that I shared in a precious post. She says it's her bag because it matches her dress. ;-)

The lined inside:

I made this bag for Becks.

The lining inside has a pocket added as I thought Becks could use it for not only diapers and wipes but for those pesky nursing pads that you always need as well:

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