Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jury Duty 2012

So right now I am on a case in Superior Court and I am unsure when I will return. But.... I just wanted to check in with all of you to let you know where I was.... obviously I would rather be enjoying the company of anyone in my family... or with dear friends. Talking or listening to any one of them is far more comforting and delightful than what I am hearing in this case. However... I am truly thankful for our judicial system that allows one to have the right to a jury trial and prayerfully by the end... and deliberations are complete, we, as jurors, will have made a correct and wise decision.

With my oldest daughter Paula.

Once I am back, I will check in again and share with you the wonders of "Steam A Seam II". A machine appliquer's dream.

Enjoy the remainder of your week! Blessings, Debbie


TheFitnessFreak said...

Have fun!!

Deborah Hays said...

Thanks Nicole! I am out on a break at the moment. All of the participants involved have such varied stories that it is difficult to believe any of them! What I do think is that each one is lying to some degree or other..... That being said, I will need to listen rather closely to the closing arguments, go over my copious notes, and sort through what the conclusions are of the other 11 jurors..... Can hardly wait!

Beks said...

Why does Paula get a photo? What I'm I? Chopped liver?