Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Out To Lunch!

So I made this lunch bag a few months back...along with the pillow from my previous post..using a pattern made by My Favorite Things.  I have used their patterns before and for the most part sincerely enjoy using them.  Their directions are laid out very nicely and are easy to follow.  Trust me, it is getting harder and harder to find patterns that even make sense any more let alone come together like they should.  I have gotten pretty picky any more when it comes to patterns, but this little company does a nice job.  There are some things that I would change however.  For one, I would extend the front flap by at least another 2".  Since I made sure to use the right batting for a lunch bag  (an insulated batting by the name of Insul-Bright) and then lined it with a water proof fabric, (PUL) I was hoping to have a great insulated bag when taking my lunch to work.  But as you can see, the flap does not come down far enough to prevent those pesky sides from opening at the top of the bag.  I love the side pockets though that can be used for utensils, napkins, money, or for whatever else you would like to put in them.

I of course decided that it needed a little embroidery on  the front...I do after all have an embroidery machine!  And since buttons have always been my thing, I was more than satisfied with the one I found  to match my Amanda Murphy fabric that I used for the bag.

 Time to enjoy lunch!  Next time, not only would I make the front flap longer,  I would also make a pocket for the inside using that pet netting that so many of you use to make your beach purses.  It would be perfect to hold one of those slim  ice packs on the side to keep my food cold!  Don't forget to click on the images for a closer look!  Enjoy!!

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