Sunday, August 24, 2014

Christmas 2014

Coming up with a new and fresh idea for Christmas projects this year, was exactly what the shop owner where I work wanted each of us to do this past weekend.  The store holds a huge Christmas workshop this time every year for our customers.  We work hard at trying to find something new to perk their interest so that they will want to buy everything we demo.   I had way too much going on this year with the unexpected death of my father, my uncle's passing and two cancer scares from two of my daughters.  I participate every year but this year I had decided to bow out.  Rather than not have me participate at all, the shop owner asked if I would at least make a simple bag out of our Christmas fabric.  I hesitated, but eventually gave in and  made a tea cozy as well.  Below you will find the bag that I made using an Atkinson Design pattern along with the tea cozy.  The bag pattern includes 3  sizes, SML and includes incredibly easy to follow directions.  I made the medium size bag and included pin tucks on each side along with one of my many decorative stitches sewn right down the middle.  I decided to use metallic thread and was hoping it would hold up without constantly breaking.  It actually did pretty well.  I, of course, had to embellish the bag with lots of crystals and due to the simple style of the bag,  was able to finish on time. Below is the bag:

And here is the pattern that I used.  (FYI..we use this pattern to teach our newbies how to sew.)

Next, I tackled making a tea cozy..again, using our beautiful Christmas fabric.  This is such an easy pattern and a great gift idea too! Since this tea cozy is reversible, it's like giving a two for one gift.  I always start looking for unique and/or unusual tea pots at either Marshalls, T.J. Max, or Ross at this time of year.  You can always find something just perfect at one of these stores. When looking at the  embroidery portion of my cozy you can easily see the huge mistake that I made.  In my choice of thread colors, I really missed the mark.  You can barely notice that I even embroidered let alone read what it says.  Next time I will use a much brighter color.

Here is a wonderful pattern to use when making a tea cozy.  The instructions are real colored pictures that are in step by step order.  You hardly have to do any reading due to the wonderful pictures.  Best pattern ever for that reason!  This is a Pink Sand Beach Design.  Fabulous company.

 Get busy!  Christmas is nearly here!

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Beks said...

Cute! Must be because the name of the pattern!

Deborah Hays said...

I really like their patterns! Every time a new one comes in I think of you! Great name!