Thursday, September 4, 2014

Holden & Hudson

Each of my twin boys recently delivered a boy of their own....Holden and Hudson or H & H.  How sweet it is to be a grandma!  Even though I shared that I wanted a girl in a previous post....and I still do...I love these precious little guys.  Since I had made the little girl onesie, I knew that I had to now make two little boy onesies.  Below is a picture of my boys, their new little treasures and one of the onesies.

My own little angels when they were young......... 

and now....

Their own little angels.  Holden (John's) on the left and Hudson (Michael's) on the right.

And the onesie that matches their dad's shirts that I shared in a previous blog.

My son shared these photos of him in the morning vs. his new little one.  Hilarious!!

Love it!!