Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mom's Second Quilt

I'm finally back from Oregon/Washington and was able to finish the quilt my mom pieced together before she left.  I used a new long-arm quilter as the gal I normally use, Sharon Mominee, wanted a much needed break. The new quilter, Mona Beck, did a nice job using an edge to edge design that I had picked out before I left.  I opted for a wool batting as I know how lightweight that batting I know how easy it is for long-armers to use.   Here is the quilt:

The pictures do not show how bright the colors in the quilt truly are but at least you get the idea.
I named the quilt Country Clare, which is the name of the toile fabric that we used.  I'll share some pictures in my next post from my trip........

Sewing with a mission in mind!  Debbie

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