Friday, June 24, 2016

Mom's Quilt

I will be leaving for a few weeks and will not be blogging until I return, but I wanted to leave you with the following pictures.  My mom wanted to make a quilt a few weeks back, so we searched through her stash, along with mine, looking for just the right fabric that she could use to make a quilt.  We actually went 'shopping' in my closet and her's.  We finally came across this flannel, panel that she had purchased while living in Arkansas.  It was a line of fabric that Thimbleberries had put out years earlier.  I  liked the panel very much and was anxious for mom to get started on her quilt.  She had purchased an accompanying fabric to match the panel at the same time, but the rest of the fabric that was needed to make additional  borders, along with the backing and binding, needed to be purchased.  So off we went to a real fabric store as my closet store had nothing to offer.... Once mom completed her quilt, I took it to my dear friend Sharon Moninee to have it quilted.  I picked the quilt up yesterday and quickly went to work making the binding attaching it  by machine rather than by hand so I could take it with me on my trip to surprise my mom.  I had Sharon use a wool batting rather than the normal 'Warm and Natural' batting that I so often have her use, due to its light weight and warmth.  Here is the result:
Don't you just love it!  As usual, I made a label and attached it to the back BEFORE Sharon quilted it.  Here is a glimpse of the label:
When mom and I were shopping in my closet, we found other pieces of fabric that mom was able to use and she made  a second quilt with that....I can't wait to share that quilt with you  when I return.  

Happy sewing!

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