Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Another Project Done!

As I shared with you a couple of posts ago, I am taking yet another class in serger licensing through the Martha Pullen Company.  Martha's classes are beyond description and you are able to learn far more than you can imagine from the gifted teachers that are at your beckon call at any given moment.  The techniques, videos, and written instructions are the best I have ever seen....and over the years I have seen and experienced a lot.  It is no wonder that I continue to return to the place where I know I will be taught the latest and the greatest in the sewing skills I long to possess.
Below is a picture of the USB bag that I just completed. I not only had to sew this bag together, but then I had to photograph it,  then send the photograph to my instructors, and finally wait to see if it passed their approval or not.  It may not seem like it, but there are many various techniques that are required to complete  this tiny, little bag.  Changing from overlock, to flatlock, to 2-thread chain stitch was time consuming.  Also, incorporating the use of three different feet to accomplish the look I was going for was also quite challenging at times.  Adding the zipper was merely the icing on the cake. So to my instructors there at the Martha Pullen Company,  I applaud you all for your stick-to-itiveness, your support and constant encouragement to drive us to do our best.

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