Friday, June 3, 2016

Project #4

I just finished project number four...a toddler jacket.  I made the huge mistake of purchasing some inexpensive fabric from a well known retailer in my area.  I know better than to do this and constantly tell my students and/or friends NOT to make this costly error. I was thinking 'sample' and not longevity.  Because I did not make a wise decision with my fabric choice, I wonder just how long the pulling of the snaps will last before the snaps simply pull through the fabric itself.  Lesson learned. 

Here's the jacket:

I love the color and I especially like the flannel that I picked out for the hoodie lining.  It is so very soft!  The writing on the flannel is pretty cute too.  Prayerfully this jacket  will last longer than a month!😊  (Maybe it's a good thing I am doing this class instructors will never have to experience the horror of feeling just how flimsy my fabric really is.) looks much prettier in person..honest.

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