Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Diaper Docking Station.....

A new product came into the shop that I was asked to take home and give it a try. We have been selling a new pattern in the shop that has been selling quite well.. so much so that it has been nearly impossible to keep in stock. It's a Diaper Dock and/or Ironing Caddy pattern. It's a great pattern and quite useful as so many women like to take their own irons with them to class and by doing so they have their own ironing station right next to their machines as they sew. The only complaint that we have had when one uses the pattern for a 'Diaper Dock is the limited amount of laminated fabric that we have available in the shop. When a particular company, who we buy from, sent us their new product to try, I jumped at it. Once I read the directions over, it sounded as though you could iron the product onto any fabric and the fabric would then be laminated... voila! an end to our dilemma. I brought the product home only to find that it did not work out quite as easily as the directions made it sound. After several calls to the company and making a huge mess on my various attempts, I finally gave up. I decided to take a look into my own storehouse of stuff located in my closet and found some lightweight vinyl.. perfect! Note.. this is not in the original instructions of the pattern, but it does work... just be careful of the iron. Below is a picture of the pattern along with the finished project.
When closed, it looks like a cute little purse doesn't it?
I added the pocket... how can one not have a pocket?? Again.. not in the original instructions. Next time I will add one to the other side as well!
How it looks when you open it up. The perfect place to change your little one! It may not look like it, but it is a verily large changing area.
If using this pattern to make as an ironing pad, you obviously don't use the vinyl, but you use a heat resistant product like the one below. And instead of carrying diapers and wipes, you carry your iron inside. Isn't this a great idea??? You've got to try it! Until next time, Debbie


Lizzie M. said...

That is super cute....to bad I won't be needing it anymore :-(!

Deborah Hays said...

You may not... but others will... shall we say sisters-in-law?? Or how about any other baby shower you may be invited to? No one else will be giving one of these.. why not be different?? Love you, mom

Lizzie M. said...

Yes, you need to remind me wttc!