Monday, May 7, 2012

Quilts In The Making

I have several quilts that I am in the process of making right now. Each one is totally different than the other.. which could be a good thing... or possibly a bad thing, if I were to think about it.. which I don't. ;-) I have shared a couple of the blocks from two of the quilts with you already.. Take a look at the first three blocks, remember months January and February from the dark neutral Block of the Month quilt designed by Sharyn Craig that I shared with you on a previous post? Well here are months March through May. I am really enjoying Sharyn's designs as they are very quick as well as nice and easy. I must confess, it is pretty nice to be surrounded by so many 'famous' quilters who make their home right here in Southern California. Even the owner of the shop where I work is rather well known in her own right, as she is the publisher of all of Sharyn's books, plus she designs fantastic patterns and writes amazing quilt books herself. . The shop, Cozy Quilts, is the hub of where hundreds of patterns are brought together and then sold... mostly online. Daniela Stout, the owner, gives great instructions on Youtube if you would like to get a peek at what we do here at the shop. We have visitors coming in from everywhere to see the shop firsthand and to also get a glimpse of all of the beautiful fabric lines that we carry... especially the batiks. Stop by sometime.. either online or in the shop. Here are months March-May:
The next two blocks are from the Pumpkin Quilt that I have been working on and as I shared with you before, it is my very first Block of the Month project. The blocks above by Sharyn, are my second attempt at completing a Block of the Month club. The pumpkin blocks below are being appliqu├ęd on my sewing machine using a 12 weight thread.
The next two blocks are being embroidered by hand, also using a 12 weight thread. Sulky offers wonderful thread that I love to use whether on my machine or by hand. If you have never tried it.. it is a must!
These last two blocks are a part of a flip flop quilt that I am making for my sister-in-law Liz. Flips flops are all that she is able to wear but are they ever glitzy!! Once I finish the quilt and it has finally been quilted, I will embellish the quilt to pieces... I can't wait!
I've shared with you.. now you can share with me. What are you working on? Until next time, Debbie


Lizzie M. said...

The flip-flops are too cute and I love all the other applique!

Deborah Hays said...

Thanks!! The quilt with all of the handwork is really taking a long time. Good thing it is only going to be a baby blanket!! I'm hoping your aunt Liz will like the flip flop quilt. Love you, mom