Thursday, May 31, 2012


Will someone please remind me to never work on four different quilts at the same time ever again.... especially when they are so radically different from one another. Each of these quilts uses different techniques, each has different design work, and each uses fabrics that don't even come close to matching the other. On top of that, take into consideration the different sizes of each individual quilt block that is used in each quilt. I'm not even sure at this point, as to what the finished size of each quilt top is going to be as I have changed the final design on every one of them. What was I thinking?! Here are two more Pumpkin blocks from the block of the month that I am doing through Shabby Fabrics. These people are truly wonderful and you can't help but love their site. They not only offer numerous lines of beautiful quilt fabrics, but they also offer several Block of the Month patterns, clothing patterns, purse patterns, handwork patterns, etc., etc. They offer some invaluable classes on Youtube that I'm sure you will also love! You will never be disappointed by visiting them online! Again, I used Sulky Blendable thread and Aurifil thread. I enjoy working with both threads very much and I think you will too. On each of the blocks I also used Steam a Seam II. I am sharing a youtube video with you so that you can visually see how great this product is. I felt that this visual would be far better than me trying to explain it.
Here are two more of the blocks from my sister-in-law's quilt. On this quilt, I used the Steam A Seam II again, but the thread that I used for the satin stitch around each flip flop was an embroidery thread... Isacord, by OESD. This is a polyester thread... not a rayon.. which is very important. Rayon can run if it is washed with a detergent that has any type of detergent booster.
What are you working on? Until next time....

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