Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Victoria Jones

My son Michael is the one who started me on my search for a great camp shirt pattern.  He, along with his beautiful wife Casey, were going to be taking a trip to Hawaii with their new little one.  After returning home, they knew that they wanted to have a Hawaiian luau to celebrate their little one's first birthday so my hunt began for the right pattern.   My daughter, along with her husband and kids were also going to Hawaii with Michael and Casey, so I was anxious to find the right pattern for all of them.  When I came upon Victoria Jone's patterns, I felt that I had at last found what I was looking for.  I actually made my purchase through an online shop located there in Hawaii.  The shop was helpful, quick, and not as expensive as I thought it would be.  Since Michael is an identical twin, I knew that I couldn't make him a shirt without making his brother and his two sons shirts as well so an easy pattern was a must.  All total, I made 4 adult shirts, 4 kids shirts, and 2 Vintage baby outfits...all out of Hawaiian print fabric...plus a blouse for my daughter.  My sewing machine and I became rather close in those weeks before they left.  I give Victoria Jone's an A for her patterns...the directions make sense, they are  easy to make and trust me... I needed easy!  (Unfortunately, Ms. Jones no longer makes the little boys' pattern.  She said the demand for them has diminished so much that she stopped making them all together...which is too bad.  I'm not sure if the online store where I made my purchases still has some left in stock or not, but it's worth a try.

Here is the mens' pattern number 220:

And here are a few of the shirts that I made using that pattern:

The patterns are nice and roomy with a great fit.  Here's a picture of the kids pattern number 235:

I will be gone a week beach camping with the kids so I will not be posting.  Have a great week! Until next time...

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