Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Olive Ann Designs

Today I am sharing Olive Ann Designs with you.  She's another newer designer out there, but her designs are adorable.  My granddaughter loved the little outfit that I made for her along with the one I made for her American Doll.  (Several of OAD's patterns do include an 18" doll size pattern to match.)  I made my granddaughter's outfit first then went to work on making the adult size blouse pattern for two of my daughters.  The adult pattern is a separate purchase and NOT included in the child's pattern.  FYI,  the adult size pattern runs rather small so take that into account if you should decide to make a blouse for yourself.  I have made a total of 5 or 6 of the adult size blouse pattern but had to make  major adjustments for the ones I made for my daughters.  I also made three  adult size blouses for the shop where I used to work.  I made each size according to the pattern directions from the smallest size offered to the largest.  Every woman who tried the blouses on had a hard time finding the right fit.  Even the medium size was a hard fit.  As far as the child size goes, it was a perfect fit for my granddaughter.  All of that being said, I give Olive Ann a B.

Here is the pattern:

The outfit I made for my granddaughter and her American Doll:

And one of the ones I made for my one daughters:

I have also been working on a girlie, girl quilt for the new little one that is heading our way from my son and daughter-in-law...can't wait!  Here is a little  peek.  I just can't find the right minkie for the back of the quilt...but I will!  Once done I'll repost.

And last but definitely not least, I have also been working on an 'I Spy" quilt for my grandson Logan.
This one is taking me a lot longer than I had originally anticipated BUT I am determined to get it done for my little guy:

Until next time.

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