Monday, August 31, 2015

Janet Pray - Islander Sewing Systems

Familiar with Craftsy?  If not, you should be!  This is probably the best online site out there in regards to online classes.  They offer EVERYTHING.  You will find Janet Pray on Craftsy teaching industry secrets  and more.  I will be honest with you and say that I have made a plethora of shirts, but none have compared to Ms. Pray's classic fit and detail.  I love her patterns.  When I found that hers' was another one of those company's where you run off the pattern on your computer and then tape it together, I was rather leery. I've done that before with other patterns and the end result was disastrous. (Ms' Pray does offer the paper version as well.)   The lines actually matched up on Ms Pray's patterns... and the shirt came out perfect. Like I've already shared, this pattern is more tailored  and includes a collar stand piece which I like....its that narrow piece that the collar 'sits' on to make the collar 'stand' up better.  You can't go wrong when using Ms. Pray's pattern..especially if you are truly looking for that classic, tailored fit.  I give Ms. Pray an A+.

The pattern:

The shirt from this pattern:

I included a close up of the collar so that you could see the collar 'stand'.

Her plackets are beautiful and so well designed...I have never sewn anything like it.  Please click on images if you want larger view of them.

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