Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Serging again.........Project #1

I am taking yet another serger class through Martha Pullen... but this time on-line.  With all the other classes, I attended in person. When attending a class in person, kits for each project were made available and you were able to see, touch, ask questions, and exam each project up close.  But.. attending  a class in person has a price tag of $3000, (plus airfare).   This price doesn't only include your kits, but most meals as well.  To take the class on-line is $ provide your own supplies and work at your own have 6 months to comply and finish each project....after that the videos and instructions are no longer available.  I am finding that I prefer the in-person classes much more.  I enjoy the companionship of others to encourage me to finish my project AND the availability of teachers should I need help.  Every day there always seemed to be some new technique that was shared, along with various specials that are not offered anywhere else.  Do I still get my license by taking these classes on-line?  Yes, but the loss of friendships made along with the dialog and laughs between so many incredible women is lost....alone in my sewing room doesn't seem to replace that.

Here is my first required project to make....a Scrap Serger Caddy:

I loved using the 12 wt., variegated thread to finish off all of the edges.  This was super easy to make and I can't wait to begin on the next project..

What are you working on??

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