Friday, May 27, 2016

The Beauty of Using 12 wt. Thread

In my last post, I shared the beauty of using a 12 wt. thread in the loopers of my serger.  A nice, variegated, 12 wt. thread can do wonders when finishing raw edges on any project that you want to add a bit of flare to.  
As I have shared in past posts, I am a huge fan of using 12 wt. thread.. whether using it in my handwork, or  in my sewing machine, or using it on my serger, it's a FABULOUS addition to any creative idea you may have!! 
In this post, I am going to be sharing several pictures to make my point.  
First hand:
Each one of these blocks are just projects I like to work on in the evening of these days, maybe I'll even finish them all!

These two patterns by chickadeehollowdesigns, already come printed and colored, all you have to do is add embroidery thread...if you want. My daughter is working on the Summer block while I am working on the Autumn.  As you can see, our stitches are quite different from one another...I have always used a stem stitch when embroidering and Nicole has always had a beautiful running stitch.  I actually prefer the look of her stitch over mine but alas, I've never been able to perfect it like her.
Before I begin doing any handwork, I prepare the back of the fabric with either a fusible, silk stabilizer by Jenny Haskins or use a wonderful, fusible put out by Sew Lazy...I love both products and would never attempt any embroidery without securing a stabilizer on the back first.
Thread is another huge factor for me....I adore Sulky's Blendable threads as well as Aurifil's 12 wt. thread. Both are wonderful threads to work with and I have not found any other brand out there that even comes close to these two.
I'm not going to show you any other projects using the 12 wt. in my serger as you can simply go back to my previous post, but I will show you a few projects that I have made using the 12 wt. thread on my sewing machine. Side note: make sure that you only use the 12 wt. thread when threading from the top of your machine...trying to sew with the 12 wt thread in both the top and in the bobbin of your machine is disastrous!  Simply use a regular, matching thread in the bobbin for great results.
On the following two pillows, I used my machine on some parts and hand embroidered in other areas.
The last picture is a pillow I did by hand, but also colored on it as well. I have already washed the pillow a couple of times and as you can see the coloring that I did is still visible.  I enjoy coloring so it was fun blending the two things that I like to do when making this pillow.  If you have a child or even a grandchild that loves to color, have them color on some plain fabric, you then can then outline their design with thread, (or floss) and voila, you have either a cute pillow, a wall hanging, the outside portion of a new purse, etc., etc., the ideas are limitless!
The product below is more wonderful than I can say!  If I am not going to color on my project, then I will use this incredible, Sulky product.  It comes with 12- 8 1/2 x 11 fusible, sheets. I simply run one of these sheets through my printer with the pattern design I am using being printed right on it.  Once the design is printed on, you remove the protective paper on the back and firmly smooth it onto the fabric that you are going to embroider on and begin handy is that?? This takes the place of you having to draw the design on the fabric yourself.  I could kiss the person who came up with this idea.  Here is a picture of the product as well as a picture of one of the designs  I am using printed directly on it.  All that is left for me to do is, cut off the top information,  peel off the back, then place it on the fabric that I am going to embroider on, and I am ready to's that easy!  LOVE this product!!  A caution however, there are some who do NOT care for  this product..they don't like the drag they get when needling through the thickness of the fabric, the Sulky product, and/or the fuse itself.  Try it out first before you start embroidering on any project your anxious to begin.  Make sure that any one of these products is a fit for you and your purposes.  Happy sewing!


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