Thursday, May 19, 2016

Table Runners

Table runners......aren't they great?  This past Easter I made one that required a small amount of handwork, but besides that it was rather easy to make. Over the years,  I have had the pleasure in making a multitude of table runners. Some were made out of fabric, some out of wool...still, others were made into various shapes or sizes, but in the end, each handmade piece seemed to add a bit of home to wherever they were placed.  

I will share a few of them with you today.  I begin with the one I mentioned at the beginning of my post. Like I stated, I made it this past Easter and purchased the pattern from one of my favorite on-line fabric shops, Shabby Fabrics..such a great shop!  (In both of the small green borders on the runner, I embroidered the words, 'He is RISEN!') 
The next table runner I'm sharing with you was made many years ago using a kit filled with various wools.  I loved all of the handwork that was required when making this piece and especially enjoyed working with the different wools.

The runner below was also made several years ago using Christmas fabric that had been popular in the shop at that time.  There was no pattern used in making this table runner, as we had just received a new dresden plate ruler in the shop and I wanted to teach a class using it.  Coming up with a table runner design between the three of us at the shop was incredibly fun....AND it sold a lot of rulers!  
Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to share this hexagon runner.  A line of fabric arrived at the shop and all of us were trying to come up with several different samples to showcase the new line.  I ended up making this table runner then embellished it by gluing on lots of crystals and pearls ...can you see them?

And the wonderful book I used to get the pattern out of:

I realize that I have shared some of these runners with you before, but hopefully you didn't mind seeing them again.  Now have some fun, be creative, and start sewing!

I will end by sharing with you a picture of my granddaughter wearing the ruffled, diaper cover that I shared in my last post.  Not the best picture, but at least you get to see the panties....and my granddaughter.


Beks said...

Ha ha! You put her in the panties!!

Deborah Hays said...

I was looking for some clothes to put on her, saw the dress and figured the panties had to be close by..which they were. I know it's not a very good picture of her, but it worked. 💕