Monday, June 13, 2011

For The Love Of Thread

I really enjoy all types of thread. Since I not only quilt, have fun with machine embroidery, along with making children's clothing, I also enjoy the relaxation of handwork. When Pomegranate's was open, we carried a nice heavy 12 wt. premium cotton thread made by Sulky which was called Sulky Blendables. We found that it was a great thread to use if you were doing any hand embroidery... or machine embroidery for that matter. One strand of this thread was comparable to two strands of your regular embroidery floss. I love the fact that it is on a spool.... it's less likely to get tangled into a horrible knot. Toni and I were so impressed with this thread that we each ordered the entire collection of colors... including the variegated. I've never regretted it! Below is a picture of the solid collection of threads.

Below are a few examples, some you have already seen, of using this great 12 wt. thread. Click on image for a closer view.

This last picture is a sample of a tea towel that I made as a class sample using different threads and techniques to finish an applique. I marked the towel all over with a fine permanent black marking pen so that my students could actually see the difference in thread types and methods used on finishing the edges of an applique. It's too bad that you can't really see the stark differences of each method and thread that I used. But I do want to point out, using the 12 wt. thread, along with your blanket stitch (buttonhole stitch) on your machine, gives your applique piece a more handwork look. Make a sample for yourself and try the different threads available along with the many different stitches found on your machine, then determine which look you like best for each project. Now get sewing.... and have some fun!

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