Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sons & Fire

It's that time of year again when the fires begin to ravage the land and my boys begin to more than earn their pay as a firefighter. There are times when they are sent outside the state if the fires there are out of control and the state needs more help than what is available. There are huge fires raging right now in Arizona and Texas. The Texas fire has been burning since January with over a million acres lost so far. The Arizona fire is huge as well. Many have been evacuated and much has been destroyed as the fire moves relentlessly across the land. Fire brings so much destruction with it. If you have never experienced a fire like that... praise God. When a fire moves it moves very quickly. You can't outrun it. And the sound is deafening. It's similar to the sound of a fast approaching locomotive.... but worse. If the sound weren't bad enough, dealing with the smell, the ashes and the heat on top of wearing heavy gear and carrying all of your equipment is even worse. Not that any of these firefighters would ever complain... it's their job... and most love it.

The reason for this post.... one of my sons just got called and he has left with his crew for Texas... possibly stopping by to help fight the Arizona fire either on the way.... or on the way back. It's unsure as to when he will return because when you leave for one of these fires you have no idea as to how long you will be gone.... two weeks to three months, it's all about the need. Leaving his wive and small children behind, I know, is even harder for him. (It seems to be similar to one who has left for war... in a way. So dangerous.) Sooo... those of you who smoke, please don't throw your cigarette butt out the window of your car.. and for you campers out there, make sure that your campfires are completely extinguished. But most importantly, please pray for all those who work so hard to keep us safe.... our military, our police, those in the medical field, and our firefighter/paramedics. Many thanks to all of you. And big hugs!

Me and my boys.... and yes they are identical twins.

With other firefighters:

Michael in action:

And John:

Waiting for the relief of precious water.

Come home safe.

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Lindsey said...

Such handsome boys! I'm hoping and praying he comes home safe and fairly soon, the kids and I are missing him (and it's only been a few days)! Love you!