Saturday, June 4, 2011

Third May Birthday

Wow... May just seemed to fly by didn't it? Like I said before, May was always the month where I didn't have to remember anything... except for Mother's Day of course! But there were no anniversaries, no birthdays, no anything... ahhhhhh. Then three of my children blessed me with four grandchildren (three of which are girls) in the month of May... that changed everything. I no longer have a free month available where a celebration of some sort is not to be found. So much for sleeping through May!

For my three angels (the girls) born in May, I decided to sew something special. For my sweet Keira and my little charmer miss T, I decided to make them each a summer dress. I'll show them to you again.... just in case you forgot. ;-)

My sweet Keira's dress:

My precious little charmer Miss T's sundress:

However, for my little miss add-E-tude (Addysen) I decided that she needed two new summer outfits. The patterns for these two outfits came from Kari Mecca's new book, "More Sewing With Whimsey". Thanks so much Kari!

FYI...... I used the three groove pintuck foot, the #10 edge foot, the ruffler foot, the #57 quarter inch foot, and the straight stitch foot to make stitching out these four outfits above easier for me. Try them out...... you won't believe the difference.

P.S. Thanks for stopping by.


Beks said...

Hey now! You didn't show me these either! You are so darn secretive! ; )

Deborah Hays said...

Well ya know.... if you cared....... ;-) Love you, mom