Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Stitch Out Book

The quilt shop where I work on occasion, asked me if I would make a stitch-out book for three of their top selling machines. I had no idea just how many hours this would end up taking me but I was really happy with the end result. I began with the Bernina 730 since that is the machine that I own personally.

In my last post I shared my thoughts on the Sulky 12 wt. thread that I frequently use on my machine or by hand, on the stitch-out books for the shop, I used a 50 wt. hand quilting thread. This thread made the stitches 'pop' even more than usual and by fusing some heavy weight stabilizer on the back of the fabric, one can clearly see the beauty of each stitch.

Here is the stitch-out book for the Artista 830. I machine embroidered a red number 8 on a black square of fabric for the front of the book. The pictures following the book are samples of the ton of pages that I did for that incredible machine.... and I didn't even stitch out all of them!

After completing the stitch outs, it made me realize what a valuable tool it is to have actual samples of the stitches your machine is capable of doing. You'd be amazed!!!

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