Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Idea!

I brought home this black towel from the shop last Saturday as requested. My co-workers wanted me to come up with an idea, for the holidays that are quickly approaching us, using this black towel as the main focus. (The store has an abundance of these black towels and they needed a plan on how to sell them!) As I walked around the shop, I looked for fabric that I thought might possibly match, but would also welcome in the coming holiday season. I noticed that we had a couple of bolts of this reindeer fabric, as well as the coordinating stripe fabric. Once I got home, I looked for just the right reindeer design to add to the towel. I also wanted to add the word 'Peace' in some kind of swirly type of font. Below is what I came up with. My mistake? placing the design way too high on the towel! However... I realize what I did wrong and my next towel will be perfect!

I share it here with you to show another example of, what I think, is a great and inexpensive gift idea. The towels are rather cheap and can be found just about anywhere. Just make sure the you prewash your towel! For the ruffle I cut the reindeer fabric 7 1/2" x whatever the width of your fabric.... this one was about 44". The striped fabric was cut 1 1/2" by whatever the width of your towel plus 2". (Make sure you click on each picture for a closer view if needed.)

What do you think? Easy, easy. Have a great day!

I don't like the back of anything to look unfinished or undone so I wanted to make sure that you got a view from behind.

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