Friday, August 12, 2011

Dressing Up For Summer.

Again.... I am making dresses. I suppose there will never be an end to sewing.... and quite frankly, that is just fine with me. I shared in a couple of posts back the two dresses that I made for my granddaughters who live up north. I have two more granddaughters who live in the midwest... for the oldest I made this dress.

The first picture is of the front of the dress...... I purchased the darling buttons in an adorable shop in Oceanside... Maisonnette. Take a look at their webpage. I brought home two of every color button that they had! Great shop.

The second picture is of the back. Again, I used the elastic thread in the bobbin.

If you haven't tried the elastic in the bobbin yet, give it a try. I'm confident that you will enjoy the results and so will the one who wears it!! Questions??


Lizzie M. said...

Love it, love it! She has been wearing it around the house everyday, I will get a shot of it :-)!

Deborah Hays said...

Please do!! I would love to have it on my blog. Make it blog friendly.... you know what I mean. ;-) It is rather difficult making clothes for my sweet granddaughters when they live so far away. I'm just hoping that the elastic back has fit on each one. Ashlynn was the only one that got the buttons. I went through the trouble of covering buttons for Reilly and Teagan's dresses and the buttons came apart... I have NEVER had that happen. I covered several more and sent them up to Stef. Her neighbor is going to sew them on. I felt so bad! Have a great week! Love, mom