Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Lately I've been so busy sewing that I have had little time to post on my blog. I have also been working more, as well as teaching more at the shop. The 'Beginning Sewing" classes have been full due to the Groupon offer that the store owner sent out through people's emails. If you read my blog, 'Groupon Nation", you would see just what I have been teaching these first time sewers and the project that they put together in my class. Each one of these gals has been successful in completing their zippered bags and each has been very happy with their results..... that in turn makes it easier and more rewarding for me.

If you missed out on that blog... here is another sampling of what the gals make. I made another bag for Cash and again placed a pocket on the inside for nursing pads, keys, license... whatever.

Here's the outside view with his initials on one side... (Again... if you would like a closer view, click on any of the pictures.)

The backside....

The inside..

Here is yet another project, a burp pad, using your wider pin tuck foot. As I shared in an older post, this foot is great for making piping.

I also made this kitchen towel... again using the pin tuck foot to make the green piping, and I then embroidered a poinsettia above the added fabric.

I also made a gift card wallet for my daughter Nicole. This is a great, easy pattern... and not bad to give with a gift card enclosed.

And the last photos are of my granddaughters wearing the dresses that I made for them for the summer. Too cute aren't they?

Again... thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed week.


Lizzie M. said...

Cute stuff!!! Love it!!!!!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Great projects Mom, love them all!