Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Finished....well almost

Ahhhhh...nearly done!  I just need to pick out the buttons for the back and I will have completed yet another looming project.  I am so glad.  I must admit however, that working with my hands at night after a long day is very relaxing for me.  Have you found that as well?  The particular pattern that I was using by Crab-Apple,  had a few challenges this time around.  Many of the flowers were dimensional, which  I hadn't done in years!  And.. I had  never tried using the 12 wt. thread to accomplish that particular technique.  Normally, when one is doing  dimensional embroidery, you use a thicker, rounder, thread to achieve the 3D look that you are going for.  Brazilian embroidery, or dimensional embroidery, is very beautiful as the thread is not only thicker, but also very shiny.  The results can be breathtaking if done correctly.  Youtube provides various directions on this nearly forgotten art.

The pillow pattern below challenged me to brush up on those long forgotten stitches.  I initially had my doubts about using my 12 wt. thread but  I was pleasantly surprised with the results!  Even though the 12 wt. is a finer thread than the traditional thicker thread used for dimensional embroidery, I thought it worked out well and matched the overall look of the pillow much better. 

And I must admit that I also enjoyed using crayons to color my flowers before I did any embroidery.  I felt like a school girl coloring once again.  If you haven't used crayons before on your embroidery projects, give it a try.  Just make sure that you color slightly darker than normal, and that you set your work with a hot iron.  Just place a paper towel between your hot iron and your design and the colors will set nicely and not wash out.  I have already washed this pillow and you can see that the color is still there.  Isn't that great??  So crab those crayons.... from your kids or grandkids... and start coloring.

Blessings, Debbie

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