Friday, May 10, 2013

The Beauty of Wool and 12 wt. Thread

Many of you are probably getting tired of me and my continual praise in regards to the use of 12 wt. thread, but again.... the following samples explain it all.   

There is such an abundance of patterns out there using wool that I didn't even know where to begin.... but begin I must. I wanted to see if my my 12 wt. thread would work just as nicely on wool as it does on everything else that I have stitched on.  We have ordered in   several wool patterns to sell at the shop, and when I came across a pattern that included all of the materials needed to complete it, I decided to go with that one.  It's a pin cushion pattern created by My Red Door Designs, that is fairly easy and rather quick to make.  I also decided  to  double up on my 12 wt. thread instead of the normal single strand that I usually use..... I loved the results.  Using crushed walnut shells for the inside was quite nice as well and rumor has it that the crushed shells are great for your pins and needles.  Check out the picture below. And don't forget to click on each picture if you want to see them close up.

With the availability of inexpensive towels in our shop, it's  nice to be able to hand stitch wonderful designs on them to make into precious gifts.  Below is a gift I made....for myself.  I used one of our Bird Brain Design patterns as they are always fun and delight to make.

Happy stitching!!


phays said...

Love it Mom! Wanna come do a few designs for some cards out here? ;)

Deborah Hays said...

Thanks Paula girl. I'd love to!! ;-)