Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

A quick note to all of my children... you have made being a mom the best adventure of my life!  You have made me cry, laugh, yell, scream for joy, and the proudest mom ever.  I still can't believe that God gave me His very best when He sent each of you into my life.  I get blown away by your love, your sweet words, and your precious friendship.  Thank you, thank you my lovelies.  I am one blessed woman.

Below are the pictures of the seven arrows that God shot into the depths of my heart.....

My oldest... Sacramento's top photographer.. You ARE the best.. and you're looking mighty fine here son.

My oldest daughter... your friendship is a blessing to me... the years that you were gone were so very sad for I missed you.  Corporate Hallmark doesn't know how lucky they are to have you!

I love how you two love the beach, fitness.... and each other. What a joy to watch the two of you.. Precious.

My youngest girl.... can't wait for the next little one.. especially can't wait to see what little Cash man is going to do.. Tee hee.  You've become quite the little mother.  Love it!!  MTS doesn't know what they have with you working for them!

Oh how you two have made me laugh!!   (And cry)   Blessing me with identical twin boys was God's best surprise and blessing ever.  I will forever be grateful.  Keep those fires under control.

And to the man who holds my heart... the man who made me a mom.......

How I love you all..


Beks said...

You don't update FOREVER, then update a bunch in a row!?!?! I've got some catching up to do. Thanks for the note. Love you!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Thanks Mom :-)

Deborah Hays said...

Love you guys so much!!