Friday, May 10, 2013

Hawaii Five-O

Our shop is getting ready for a shop hop that will be taking place in our area at the end of June.  This time around, the hop is based on the old television series that many of us used to watch years ago.  Cozy will be representing the series Hawaii Five-O.  The store owner felt that we needed to take the series' persona to heart so she ordered in fabric with a Hawaiian flare to make either a blouse or an apron.... I went with the  blouse.  The fabric came in blue, red, or greenish blue... which is what I went with.  I have way too many projects that have deadlines on them so I knew that I had to choose a verily easy pattern.  Below is a picture of the blouse pattern that I decided to go  with.  Can I just say how great it was to work with a pattern that actually makes sense and fits properly??  This pattern line was an absolute joy to work with!  Over the many years that I have been sewing, I have been sorely disappointed in more pattern companies than I can list here.  The directions in many of these patterns have been  horrible, the fit even worse, and the outcome would have been disastrous if I didn't have good sewing sense on my own to figure out what the designer was trying to convey.  I don't know how new sewers do it!  No fear with this company however..... thank you so much Silhouettes Pattern company!!

A picture of the pattern.

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