Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vintage Patterns

Having as many grandchildren as I do, I am often trying to come up with something different to make for them, besides just quilts or pillowcases.  As you can see from my previous posts, I adore making children's clothing for my little munchkins. So, of course, I am on the lookout for great and unusual patterns.  I don't really like using the standard, more well known patterns  found at  your local fabric I have to come up with something different all together, something unique, something that the normal person (aka. smart person) couldn't easily find. In my search this time I came upon a book that was filled with vintage style clothing patterns for kids. Aha.. this is just perfect I thought!!  It had a CD located at the back of the book, where you could run off each pattern  into various sections.  Once the printing is done, you then paste the pattern sections together.  (Now that took a lot more time than I thought it would!)  Once  taped, it's then time to cut out your project. Since I had chosen a vintage style pattern, it only made sense to find vintage style fabric to go along with it.  I found a pretty cute cowboy fabric that I thought Mr. Logan would like.  (My goodness, if I would simply stick to the norm, these projects wouldn't take me nearly as long as they do!!)  Well... below you will find a picture of the finished, "Boy's Short-Sleeved Shirt"  It is not made exactly like the directions suggest, but it's close enough.  I am forever making  changes to any pattern that I make.... and one of the many changes in this one was the pocket.  I felt it needed to have at least one and one that matched up perfectly with the fabric behind it....  (I take it back, I don't need to wonder why these little projects take me longer than I had planned....)  However,   I did like the shirt once I completed it. It was fun and I knew my little guy would enjoy wearing it.   I especially like the tucks in the back as well as the overall design of the shirt.  My grandson, from what I hear,  lives in it.  And THAT my dear readers makes it all worth it.  As long as those sweet peas are happy with what I do, I'll keep doing what I am doing.  Hopefully you're  busy making those around you delighted too.

Happy sewing!  Debbie



TheFitnessFreak said...

And he looked so cute in it :-)

Deborah Hays said...

He did didn't he....