Friday, May 31, 2013

More 12 wt. thread

The shop is offering a basic hand embroidery class once a month for the entire year.  Each month our students have been taught various methods of stitch types, different looks using wool and a plethora of wonderful threads that are used for handwork or that can also be ran through the machine.  I am always talking about my love for 12 wt. thread, so I have been asked to teach for the month of June.  I wanted the students to experience for themselves the many uses of 12 wt. thread so I came up with this hand towel project so that they could do just that!  I used a double strand on the word autumn, (a single strand on the veins of the leaves) and then ran it through my machine using a buttonhole stitch on the pumpkins.  I liked how the towel came out and toyed with the idea of finishing off the towel with matching fabric... I decided to leave it plain.

The towels that I have pictured below this latest project, are towels that I have posted before, but that have been finished differently at the bottom....OR you can simply leave it plain like I have on this one.

I had fun machine embroidering this towel... just make sure that you wash the towel first to get rid of any shrinkage.  I also decided that this towel needed more than the embroidery... it needed a ruffle and some trim.

 I added a coordinating fabric to this one as well, along with piping.  Piping adds so much...

I decided not to add a ruffle to this last one, but to simply cover the bottom of the towel with coordinating fabric... and again.. piping.  Click for closer looks of each towel.


TheFitnessFreak said...

Did Moses try to eat that flower too? :-)

Deborah Hays said...

If he could have reached it! ;-) He would have surely taken the flower off of Keira's dress if I wasn't standing right there! I've never had a dog that would eat every flower in my yard, especially roses, if he could. He completely dug up my new rose bush and while I was replanting it, he was pulling the petals off of another one while he was watching me. That dog!!