Tuesday, May 12, 2009

4 Millie

For those of you who don't know, Millie is my mom.  It seemed rather natural for me to finally name my sewing business after the woman who has always been my biggest fan.  I could make the ugliest thing in the whole wide world and she would still say that it was beautiful.  When I was very young, she made a couple of beautiful dresses for me and I still have the patterns to this day. I loved those dresses. As I grew older, I finally understood why she only made me just a couple of dresses.  Not only did  mom work full time and run a household, but she also owned, I am sure, the worst sewing machine on the planet.  (Sorry mom but you know it's true.) It was a Sears sewing machine with the worst tension that anyone could imagine.  When I was old enough, I began to sew for myself and all but gave up due to that horrific machine.  When I later married, my sweet husband decided to buy me a sewing machine of my own for christmas.  He purchased a Sears sewing machine.....grrrrr. Rather than say a word of complaint about where he had purchased that machine, I decided to try that new machine out and to my surprise, it sewed like a dream.  Sewing became my new found hobby.  Having four girls to sew for, that machine got quite the workout!  Then one day my dear old dad decided to buy me a new machine... a Bernina sewing machine, along with a serger, a cutting table and a mat.  Words can't describe the gratefulness I had for those incredible gifts.  There was no stopping me after that! Today I sew on a Bernina Artista 730, I'm a quilt maker, sewing instructor, (certified by Martha Pullen) and I embroider just about everything that I can get my hands on. So for today's blog, I felt it was about time that I give thanks to the ones who have made this passion of mine possible and to grow. I love you honey for that first machine... even though it was a Sears. ;-) I loved it. And thanks mom and dad for the support and love that you have always given to me for this crazy passion I have. Hugs to each of you!

Another dress from Kari Mecca's book, that I made for my niece's new little treasure, Milan

Yet another one but in different fabric.

This one is also from Kari's book and is called 'Adorable You' This one went to my Teagan.

Another 'Adorable You' design. Sweet Ashlynnie has this one.


Anonymous said...

You know we got as much enjoyment in giving these things to you as you did receiving them. To see what you have done with the sewing equipment and see the enjoyment you get using it is worth everything! Keep having fun! We love you very much, Mom and Dad

Lizzie M. said...

How nice! What a wonder Grams kept sewing!!!

Deborah Hays said...

Thanks mom. I love you back. And yes Elizabeth..... it's a wonder that I didn't hurl that machine into the nearest pit!!!! How I hated it. Have a great day!

Beks said...

I want a dress like milan's!!

Deborah Hays said...

Isn't it so Gretchen?? I hope she likes it. Did I tell you that the buttons I found for the dress came from Italy? And to top it off they were hearts. I couldn't have found anything more perfect to make the dress complete. I sure miss you girl. Love, mom